Available to purchase as  from Amazon US, UK or AustraliaMy Other Self is a required text for the upper level psychology  course (Sexual Deviance TPSYCH 431A) at The University of Washington, Tacoma, USA.

My Other Self

Ground breaking social researcher explores the extraordinary sex lives of ordinary people.

After four years of researching digital dungeons and online communities and interviewing  people who could be living in any neighbourhood, social researcher and author Angela Lewis emerges with a book brimming with information about unusual sexual interests practiced everywhere – from exotic purpose built playpens to the most ordinary of suburban bedrooms.  Much more than another book about erotica, MY OTHER SELF seeks to establish a much needed dialogue around society’s acceptance of alternative sexual interests by using the stories and experiences of everyday people.
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This book may be challenging by its content, but then anyone who works with humans could hardly be surprised by what people get up to in the privacy of their own homes. I highly recommend this book for anyone willing to undertake a personal challenge in learning about sexuality beyond the bounds of conservatism.
-Philip Armstrong, FACA, CEO, Australian Counselling Association

My Other Self is a book that should be compulsory reading for everyone working in this field.
-Ronald Bentick, Clinical Hypnotherapist, life member Academy of Hypnotic Science, member Australian Counselling Association

This book is very thorough and the author clearly did a lot of research.  It certainly gets my approval – thank you for trying to help explain our lifestyle.
– Sam, cuckold husband

If you want some understanding of the things people do when it comes to sexual fetishes this book has it all, while treating this delicate and unusual subject matter with care and respect. I highly recommend it to lay people, health care workers and medical professionals.
– Freida D. Scott, RN, Registered Counsellor

This is a fantastic book! The amount of research plus the respectful approach is just awesome.  As well, I found it thought-provoking, titillating and most importantly accurate, and believe me, I should know!
– Joel, money slave

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