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Anything you’d like to say, any suggestions you’d like to put forward for the next edition, or simply drop by to say hi.  I’d love to get to know my readers :-).

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  1. Angela Angela says:

    This was emailed to me today by one of the people I interviewed and he is kindly allowing it to be posted here on his behalf:

    Miss Angela,
    I received your autographed book earlier today. I was so excited to open it up and read it!
    I love what I’ve read so far, as I know I’ll love the whole book. From what I’ve read so far you did an excellent job!
    Your research and your respectful approach is awesome!
    Sorry I didn’t email you earlier. But I’ve actually been reading your book.

    Again,kudos to your book and thank you for including me in it!
    ***Baby Mikey***

  2. Sue Poulakakis says:

    Well, dinner party conversation need never be boring again. Ms Lewis’ book is a fertile breeding ground for discussion on that universally intriguing topic – bizarre sexual behaviours. Even the most ‘unconventional’ among us will be fascinated – sometimes startled – by some of the fetishes uncovered in this well researched book. A highly engaging read on how ‘other selves’ live out their sexual side.

  3. Chris says:

    I dropped into Polyester books on the weekend to buy the book. It was my first visit there and I was impressed, it is a great shop!

    Your book is absorbing reading and takes the reader on a journey through the lives of others that is educational and informative without trying to shock, judge or editorialise. Instead it lets the people themselves talk about their lives and the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of what they do. It must have been a wonderful research project and it was nice to read about your obvious regard for the people you came to know. I’m not a follower of any particular kink or fetish, but it helped me to learn about what others enjoy. Well done.

  4. PH230 says:

    Well I’m in the kinky community and while I know all about my own field of interest, this book surprisingly opened my eyes to quite a few things I had no clue were intersesting to others- my kink is almost boring compared to others (I’m a foot lover). I loved this book – buy it!!

  5. csf609 says:

    Gosh, I have to say this book surprised me. I only read it because it was written by someone outside of the kinky community – everything else out there is written by people with their own agendas and pushing their own interests – but the fact that this author freely admits to being a ‘nilla means it is free of any bias – even bias that you often get from those outside of the kinky community in that ‘yuck, how could they do that ‘type of way.
    It is super well researched and you can see that people spoke freely and told their true honest stories. I really enjoyed it -when are you writing another book – I’ve got nothing to read now!!

  6. HelenaD says:

    Your book arrived in good order on Friday and my husband (he is the counsellor in our family) was extremely touched that you were kind enough to inscribe it to him personally. We very much look foward to reading and will be sure to leave some feedback.

  7. Hi Angela,

    I’ve read your book. It’s very interesting, easy to read and frankly, pretty useful. I’ve got other books like Encyclopedia of New Religions, A-Z type for Natural Therapy and Vitamins, Dictionary of Psychology, Dictionary of Sociology and really can’t see why your book wouldn’t sit happily alongside them for reference.

    Well done,
    Leonie Wilcock
    B.A.Psychology, B.A.Hons.Sociology, Dip.Professional Counselling, MACA
    Private Counsellor, Hampton Park, Vic.

  8. Angela Angela says:

    Thanks so much Leonie, I am delighted that you find it useful and I really appreciate you taking the trouble to say so.
    warm regards,

  9. Alex says:

    I received the book about a week ago. I have to admit that the reason, that I ordered was more curiosity than interested. I am an sexually active, openminded gay man, living in London. I was amazingly surprised by the book and how many things I haven’t not even heard. It is a great book that can give you an idea what is happening at the real world. Life is so simple and complicated at the same time, even more daily sexual life…
    And this book is a great project than, at the end of the day, can help you not to accept but at least to try to understand that people are different and unique.

    Great work Angela,

  10. Mike says:

    Hello Angela.
    ”My Other Self” was a very enjoyable and educational read. The sexual fetishes and kinks that i enjoy were described perfect. And the novel helped me to better understand those that are alien to to me. Is there going to be another novel in the future?

  11. Angela Angela says:

    A lovely review I received today from Mistress Alex, a Melbourne dominatrix

    Last night I finished your book.

    It was very good reading, unbiased and well researched. Its the most realistic, educational and easy to understand fetish book I have read yet.

    Lets hope it helps some to refrain from judging those who live the life.

  12. SteveSmith says:

    Angela thank you very much for writing your book explaining people with their fetishes. Explaining to them that we are ok. I wish every grown person knew what we were all about. Most women I talk to about my foot fetish think i am sick or not right in the head and just totally gross. :)

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