10 Questions with Foot Fetishist Karyn Lord

Friendly, outgoing and warm, Ms Karyn Lord, also known as ‘Foot Loving Blonde’ is a self-described foot fetishist, model and blogger.  As a woman who loves having her feet worshiped and adored and who happily shares her feet, shoes and legs with the foot loving community at large; she is understandably well-known and well loved in the community.  Karyn is in a long term relationship and lives in Washington D.C.

Q: You are generous with the free photos you post online via mechanisms such as Facebook, but you also sell foot related clips of yourself. Has this blossomed into a career for you now, or do you still have a so-called ‘day job’?

A: I’m actually a licensed Funeral Director, and have been working in the funeral industry for about 14 years.  I have cut back on my day job now, as I’ve become very busy with my online lifestyle!  I do love both jobs, although I really don’t consider my ‘foot fetish’ a job, it’s just a part of who I am that I enjoy sharing.

Q: Do you remember if there was any sort recognition or discovery of your own foot hedonism or has it simply always been a natural part of who you are?

A: Yes, I do have very vivid memories of being attracted to feet as a child and  my earliest memories are of women’s feet in high heels –  red polish was always a favorite back then. My grandmother had a beautiful collection of heels in her closet and she dressed up every day. I loved playing in there, trying on her heels, daydreaming.  Back then I think it was more curiosity, it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I discovered the intense sexual component.

Q: You love feet and clearly enjoy playing with, showing off and modeling your own, do you also enjoy looking at clips or photos of other women’s feet (e.g. from a professional sense, or do you find it sexy, what are your thoughts on women’s feet in general, e.g. do you admire a particular size/shape?

A: Oh yes!! I’ve always been quite fascinated by other women’s feet, from a young age as I mentioned earlier. I definitely have a ‘type’ that I find myself drawn to. I prefer a longer toenail, not to an extreme, but to me that little bit of length definitely ‘fetishizes’ (if that’s a word!) the foot.  I’m attracted to well groomed feet, something that drives me crazy is cracked heels, I just want to put some lotion on them whenever I see it! lol  I also find darker colored varnish very sexy.  Although I have a thing for college girls who have french pedis and flip flops on. I love that!  I don’t think there’s a particular size that I prefer,  I wear a size 9 heel and I’ve seen some beautiful petite feet as well as large.  My best friend has adorable feet, I’ve always loved them, ever since high school. Her toes are very petite, and a little bony, but she takes excellent care of them. As far as a preference for bare feet or nylons. I don’t think I could choose one over the other. A woman’s foot, beautifully encased in a pair of nylons is absolutely breathtaking. That always stops me in my tracks when I’m out.  When it comes to bare feet, fresh out of a pair of sweaty socks and sneakers, that scent is pure heaven to me. Wearing nylons all day with a pair of leather pumps, that is also an intoxicating combination!

Q: You are in a relationship now, does your partner enjoy women’s feet?  Was he a foot lover before you met or is this something that has blossomed with his involvement with you?

A: get this question a lot! lol  My partner definitely enjoys my feet, but he definitely didn’t have a foot fetish before I met him. We’ve discussed it before, and although he is turned off by un-kept feet, he doesn’t look at a women’s feet the way I do. Not having a foot fetish isn’t a deal-breaker for me in a relationship, as long as the person is open-minded and willing to explore it. My fetish is just one aspect of our partnership.

I certainly wouldn’t want my feet to be the focal point of my relationship.

Q: Without worrying about what others might find attractive, what would you choose for your toes, feet and  legs if you were dressing up to feel drop dead gorgeous?

A:For me, fully fashioned nylons are always a perfect choice for dressing up and feeling sexy. A Manhattan heel cap is my favorite.  I do still prefer a bold red varnish on my toes, and very high heels, open toe of course!

Q: Coming into contact with many different folks as you do, have you ever received a request for a conversation or a photo shoot that  would be a deal-breaker or no-go for you?

A: So far, I have only received one request that I could not fulfill, and that had nothing to do with foot fetishism, it was more of a request for a different fetish, one that I did not share.  I just cannot do something that I am not passionate about, and I won’t pretend either. I think my fans appreciate the fact that I am open and honest about my preferences and what turns me on.

Q:  You use your own name and don’t hide your face, is it common knowledge amongst friends and family that you love feet and enjoy modeling your own?  Have you had/do you have problems having to explain yourself to people sometimes who don’t understand the love of female feet?

A:  Lol Oh yes, everyone knows! Even my co-workers, luckily they’re very accepting and we can joke around at work about it.  I think that is probably because of the line of work I’m in.  We try to keep things light-hearted and fun.  It’s also important to me that others see my true face, and that I don’t feel the need to hide my fetish.  It’s nothing to be ashamed about. I like to show the world a face of foot fetishism that they’re not expecting. We are regular people, your neighbors, teachers and friends.

Q:  A little known activity of yours is selling your used pantyhose, stockings and socks, can you tell us a little about why you think this is popular with the purchasers?

A: I think my personal items are popular because it is the ultimate extension of the fantasy, a part of me that they can touch, that’s very real and very intimate.  I am aware that individuals who do not share in my fetish may find this ‘gross’ or unappealing, but for a fellow fetishist, it is VERY erotic and extremely sexual.  I genuinely love wearing my socks and pantyhose, often I will wear them while working out at the gym, or to work.  It’s actually quite a turn on for me, wearing a pair of stockings to work, knowing that my co-workers have no idea what I’m planning to do with them! lol

Q:What do you like to do that is not related to foot hedonism – I noticed you mentioned comics on your Facebook page, can you tell us a little more about things you enjoy doing?

A: Yes, I do have a few other hobbies, one is collecting Adult Comics, I collected comics as a child, and I’m still very passionate about collecting, except now it’s mostly adult titles. I’m a big fan of Giovanna Casotto, Franco Saudelli, Erich Von Gotha, Gene Bilbrew, Eric Stanton, and others in that genre.

Q:  If I waved a magic wand and said you had a million dollars to spend in a year doing exactly what you wished, what would you buy and where would you go?

A: Oooh, that’s a tough question! I would definitely travel, probably back to Mexico for a while, I love the beach. I would spend my days relaxing, swimming, reading comics, long walks.  I’d probably host a fabulous foot party, and hire a personal masseuse for foot massages! I would indulge in silk stockings, lingerie and heels, spend more time with the people I love.

Thank you so much Karyn, it was a delight getting to know you.

Karyn can be found on Twitter at www.twitter.com/lovemyfeet or search for her on Facebook and her custom photo sets & video clips are located at www.clippette.com/store/footfetishkaryn

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23 Responses to 10 Questions with Foot Fetishist Karyn Lord

  1. Mistress Mynx says:

    What a wonderful interview with a fellow foot Goddess/foot hedonist. It is great to learn more about this lovely lady living a life that includes (but is not necessarily only defined) sharing her feet with the community at large. Off I go to enjoy some more foot pampering, My new favorite; Powder fininsh foot creme by Butter

    • Al Soleman (Pedman) says:

      It’s good to see your thoughts on this interview Mistress Mynx and yet another link we all have in this lovely forum Angela has provided for us, Many thanks for your friendship and kind words about Karyn as well! xxx

  2. Mistress Mynx says:

    Dr Angela, you have your own set of fans, that respect your efforts in bringing out of the misunderstood shadows many differing fetishes, kinks and sexual practises that as human beings we may not understand let alone the thought processes behind adopting them. Once again I congratulate you on providing such a valuable service to our community.
    it is a pleasure knowing you and an honour calling you my friend
    MM x

  3. Angela Angela says:

    Power finish foot creme…that sounds intriguing!

    I am truly touched by the lovely comment you have just left and if the only good thing to come out of doing any of this is friendships I have made with wonderful people such as yourself (particularly ours, as I really do treasure it); then that is more than I could wished or hoped for.

    Thank you, you beautiful, sweet person!

    xxx AL

  4. Barb Stapleton says:

    How lovely to hear such wonderful and open thoughts from Karyn, and thank you Karyn for sharing so much of yourself. I think you are lucky that you can share your passion openly, and it is accepted by those around you without judgement. Your comment “We are regular people, your neighbors, teachers and friends” grabbed my attention. It encapsulates what I think, and my wish for fetishists is that acceptance of their life preference becomes the norm.

    • Al Soleman (Pedman) says:

      @Barb, i have to concur with all you have said and the moment I came in contact with you, Angela, Karyn and so many others through FB and other forums, a great weight was lifted and I finally felt i could really open up about my Fetish/lifestyle for want of better terminology! It is truly wonderful to know we are kin and open to welcoming others who feel the same! @Karyn, I’m truly awed by your wonderful presence and the fabulous world you have shared with us, and to meet a true foot lady and Goddess who enjoys our passion without reservation is humbling and fabulous! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and giving us the benefit of your experiences as well through this interview process! I feel very fortunate to be here xxx

      • Karyn Lord says:

        @Al the feeling is completely mutual! I am so lucky to have met you, as well as our other lovely friends we share. I love being a part of this community! It’s a real joy to be able to discuss our passion for feet and share our stories with others that not only accept us, but truly understand! :) <3

    • Karyn Lord says:

      Thank you so much Barb, I agree, I am really fortunate to have friends and family that are accepting of who I am. I know this isn’t the case for many of my friends, and it’s very hard for them. I’m hoping that by being open and vocal about foot fetishism, maybe it will make a difference, soften some hearts. :)

  5. Angela Angela says:

    I totally agree with you Barb. Karen’s comment, “We are regular people, your neighbors, teachers and friends” has always been my motivation for doing these pieces and like you I found it summed things up perfectly. Thanks for dropping by to share. xxx

    • Al Soleman (Pedman) says:

      You have no idea what a thrill it was to get your notification Angela–concerning this newest interview with Karyn! Again, you have opened a window in to the wonderful realm of foot/fetish worship and Miss Lord is such a wonderful advocate for open discussion and participation for those of us who love this. It was a privilege to be an interviewee in your current series and having so many wonderful proponents of the lifestyle featured here can open move us forward and foster much good will as well. Many thanks and kudos!

      • Angela Angela says:

        Hello dear Al,

        thank you for your continued kindness and just being the sweet person that you are. I agree with you, Ms Lord is a brilliant advocate for this interest group – as you are kind sir. I know your interview was very much appreciated for the same reasons as you identify for Karyn’s.
        with love and blessings,


  6. Foot_Loser says:

    Wow! What a Goddess! It is always amazing to see a woman who offers her worn socks for others to worship. Most of my life was spent sneaking sniffs at worn socks or shoes when no one is looking. The smell of a woman’s foot is something that has had power over me my whole life and now there are women who can have that power over me online. I LOVE women like this!

    • Al Soleman (Pedman) says:

      I’m in total agreement Foot_loser, the scent of a woman’s feet is one of the most arousing and special aspects of foot fetish/worship for me as well and the few times I’ve been privileged to smell a lady’s foot in person or a worn pair of nylons, a door to another world opened up and the pleasure of this was wonderful! To know that Karyn feels this way too about the aroma of well worn stockings and nylons is truly a happy moment for those of us who are friends with her and we applaud the open and welcoming presence she is!

    • Karyn Lord says:

      Thank you Foot_Loser, for your lovely words. I couldn’t agree more! There is something almost magical about the scent of a woman’s foot, especially after being trapped in a pair of sweaty sneakers or heels all day! :)) I’m so glad there are men like you that understand and appreciate it. Here is a link to a YouTube video from my Channel I think you may enjoy, it’s called, “My Running Shoes Ritual”! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WLqgAG2wME&list=UUzQHWFJwzknT-6Ljqa_zPhg&index=7&feature=plcp xxoo

  7. Mistress Mynx says:

    Dear Al and Foot_loser. How interesting as I’m in the process of cleaning out My sock/stocking draw. Imagine Being on the receiving end of a pair of My just worn gym socks.
    Mistress Mynx

    • Foot_Loser says:

      That thought brings me to my pathetic knees Goddess! I bet your worn socks are incredible! I would love to know the stench of your feet!

    • Al Soleman says:

      I must say it would be a lovely experience to sniff some of those worn socks, the scent must be exquisite! Something so right about inhaling the foot aroma of a Goddess such as yourself!

  8. Laura Foot-Goddess/Laura Soleil/ Pop Sicletoes says:

    Wonderful interview Karyn. We have been “footie” friends for quite a long time and I never knew you had a foot fetish!! xo I just happen to think you are the “the bomb” even before I knew this. I have always admired your gorgeous feet, stockings etc. and your photos! You are a classic! I love the normalization you bring to foot fetish in your statement about they are your friends, neighbours ….. I have always tried to make “footies” feel empowered and lucky, after all they do have 10 more things (toes) to get aroused by and women like myself reap the benefits of having more ways to be pleased!!
    You really are a true Goddess and a great spokesperson for the community! xoxo

  9. Angela Angela says:

    Hello Laura!

    I’m Karyn will be delighted with your lovely comments – thank you so much for taking the time to make them. You and I are connected on Facebook, perhaps we could also chat about doing an interview some time down the track with your good self? I will direct message you.

    with warmest regards

  10. Laura Foot-Goddess/Laura Soleil/ Pop Sicletoes says:

    Hi Angela,
    Yes, it is great to finally be friends. Barb spoke about you and your book a long time ago and it is great to finally connect.
    I cannot express enough how blessed I feel to be part of the foot community and to have made such great friends such as Karyn, Al, Barb etc.

    Take care,

    • Barb Stapleton says:

      Hi Laura,
      We have been so lucky to share a friendship with the gorgeous Karen and the lovely Al. How happy am I Laura that now you and Angela have met. Should you also consider Angela’s request, I have no doubt at all that you would have heaps to share, and will open another window into a world so little known .
      Karen and you have been such an inspiration to me, and help to me on my journey, although Karen may not know that.
      Hugs to all

  11. GoddessBarbs_slave says:

    Fascinating Interview.You are GREAT Miss Angela.Miss Karyn i am very pleased to about you.

  12. Beverlee C. says:

    I am one who comes late to this fetish. I am also now fully engaged. I was brought to foot love almost accidentally by someone I corresponded with on a fetish website, and I was hooked so quickly it stunned me. I find it erotic, exotic and highly sexual. I’ve actually a Footman mentoring me, guiding me and instilling in me the love of foot worship. I confess, I adore all the attention it has brought to me. Those who comment on the pictures I post of my feet and legs, bare and in stockings/shoes, are interesting, encouraging, sexy, but never cause me to feel anything but safe in their online company. Not so always online. There is an intensity in their love of this fetish, but it is not one that ever engenders uncomfortable feelings. I am learning through videos posted by footmen, how this fetish ultimately is enjoyed. And, I find that wildly exciting. I want to personally experience it, and will this summer. There was a time I might have laughed off someone who even suggested this to me, but because of the wonderful guidance I’ve had, I am in this to stay. I love it.

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