My First Foot Goddess Experience, with Barb Denyer

By Barb Denyer with Angela Lewis.

Foreword:  My dear friend Australian Barb Denyer is reasonably new to the foot worship community and recently had her first real life experience after a number of years being active in the online communities, where she posted photos of her feet and made many friends.  Over lunch one recent Sunday, she was generous enough to share what it was like to take the next step:

Angela:  You waited for nearly two years before having a real life experience with a foot lover.  Was this deliberate or was it simply a matter of the right time and right place and do you think it was good to wait and get to know the community first?

Barb: In some ways it was deliberate, and in some ways just waiting for the opportunity.  The reason for it being deliberate was exactly as you said, getting to know the community.  I wanted to communicate with the foot fetishists and try to understand their passion more – and  I was amazed at how those passions differed.  Some like soles, some like arches, some like toes, some had a preference for a particular colour nail polish, and some wanted to only see feet with hose covering them. Shoes are also a major factor in the whole equation.

Most of the people I initially met were overseas, so of course there was no way to be able to meet them.  I started to think that there were very few men in Australia –  well Melbourne –  who were interested in female feet.  I am on a number of online sites and after a period of time as my “name” started to spread, I finally started to be contacted by men from Melbourne,  my home town.

I do think it was good  to wait, because for me it was absolutely vital to have an understanding of this interest and to have some idea of what to expect.  Even though I did have a reasonable idea prior to my first experience, I was still surprised and flattered by the lovely expression of joy I saw on the face of my foot admirer when he first glimpsed my feet.  To know that the simple act of placing your naked foot in a man’s hands can give immeasurable pleasure took me completely by surprise, despite being involved in the online foot loving community for nearly two years.

Angela: Were you nervous or worried about meeting in real life?  How did you select the person to be your first and where did you make contact;  as I am sure you have had offers and requests before this.

BarbYes I was nervous, but no, I was not worried.  I had initially been contacted on an online fetish site by the man in question and we continued to communicate through this site for quite some time until I was comfortable that I knew enough about him before I agreed to meet him. I am astute enough to read not only what is written in a message, but also that which is unwritten. I am not a person who makes rash decisions or takes personal risks and I have to say that I also took age into consideration.  I had certainly received a couple of offers prior to this (and continue to do so), however it had to be someone special for me to make a move such as this.  If there had not been a level of maturity in his communications I knew that there would be no point in taking any further steps, so this was a major consideration in selecting my first foot lover.

As to meeting in real life, I was only ever going to meet in a public place, with in a  limited pre-negotiated period of time.  That way there would be no stress about “what if I am not comfortable with him”.  And this strategy worked perfectly (for both of us I think).

Angela: Can you describe how you felt prior to and during the first meeting?  For example, what type of thoughts were running through your head?

Barb:  Actually I was excited –  I was going to have lunch with a fan – and who wouldn’t be flattered and anticipating a new experience such as this?  So..there I was… finally taking the major step of going to meet a man who had seen pictures of my feet, who said they were beautiful (something I still don’t see but I’m not a fetishist) and who I knew desperately wanted to touch them and in his words,  “be in their presence”.

As usual, the ‘naughty child’ in me came out and I decided to tease and titillate  him at the first meeting.  Even though it was a freezing cold day in Melbourne,  I wore some open sandals so  beautifully polished toes (in a Burgundy red), would show.  I still have no idea if he was looking at my feet or the footpath as we walked to the restaurant.  As we sat down to have lunch,  I made sure my foot was easily seen, and his first words were “Yes, those toes, that colour”!!

In deference to his digestive system, I did move my foot under the table after that.  I was very comfortable with him, and quite happy to chat, and I think we both felt totally at ease.  Just before he had to leave to return to work, that “naughty child” in me again came out to play.  I kicked off my sandal and put my foot on his knee.  All I can say is his reaction was absolutely perfect, just what I hoped I would see.  His body just froze, a range of emotions flew across his face ending with absolute joy, and he gasped.  Totally beyond his control, his hand just moved down to my foot, and the look of wonder on his face as he gently and softly moved his fingers all over my foot was absolutely precious.  The icing on the cake was the very softly spoken comment “I have never felt a foot so soft” followed by “please may I kiss your foot”.   Who wouldn’t be flattered and happy?

Angela:  what sort of discussions did you have with your foot admirer prior to the first foot worship session?  Did you for example discuss what might happen or did you both decide to leave it to the moment?

Barb: We had some discussions because I wanted some idea of his expectations and passions.  By that I mean did he like clean feet, a particular shoe type such as leather for smell, and so on.  I wanted to be sure that not only would I have the experience I wanted, but I also had a deep desire to make sure that he too was happy.  As you and I have discussed so often, I was absolutely positive that he would not have been able to live his passion for feet frequently, and I really wanted to have him feel utterly indulged and totally happy.

I have to say I was surprised to find that he wanted to wash my feet.  When I asked about this, he said it was not from a cleanliness point of view, but that he got so much joy from of sudsing feet, rinsing them and drying them.  I cannot tell you how long it took him to wash and dry each foot, with a lot of attention given to each toe.  His eyes never left my feet and toes, and neither did his hands.

But there was one thing I did ask of him.  I said I wanted him to tell me if my feet were soft, even though he had made that initial comment.  I had been asked so often if my feet were as soft as they looked, something I don’t understand, but apparently a foot man can look at a picture and see – and it is of course a question I cannot honestly answer.  So, that was my request of him, to please try to tell me what you feel.  I have to say I was so surprised and flattered to be told that he thought they were absolutely perfect, like touching satin.

Angela: did you make any special preparations, such as a pedicure with a particular nail colour, bathing your feet, buying any new footwear?

Barb: No, there were special preparations at all.  I wore my usual ‘home’ footwear and of course I hoped that it did not leave a discernible odour that might be unpleasant.  About all I did was make sure I did have to make sure I had a suitable container for him to use because I knew he wanted to wash my feet.

Angela:  Can you describe for us what happened in your first encounter?

Barb: As usual, I was naughty and teased him a little.  I was still at my computer when he arrived, so he knelt beside me and I made sure he was looking at the screen as I was finishing up.   My feet were under the desk and he couldn’t get at them.  So I stopped “being mean” and we went to the lounge.  I only have armchairs so he was sitting in one as I sat in the other.

He stayed in his chair and we chatted, even though I knew he wanted to be at my feet. This went on  until I waved my Ugg-boot clad foot at him and said “I’m sure you don’t want to be on that chair.  Isn’t this what you want?”.  I have to say I did not believe that a man could move so quickly from a chair to the floor at my feet, in such a rapid movement.  He put his hand under my ankle to hold up my leg, and slowly removed my very tatty Ugg boot.  He then touched my foot with his hand, a look of absolute wonder and joy on his face, so beautiful to see.  He felt all over my foot, very, very slowly, obviously not wanting to miss anything.  He spent ages doing that, then he lifted my foot to his nose and just sniffed.  Actually he made one comment that surprised me.  He said after sniffing that he would always recognise my smell, that he would if he were blindfolded he would still be able to identify me.

As I said before, he rinsed my feet, then with a new container of water he washed my feet.  The washing took a long time as he was feeling each toe, each part of my foot, and looking closely at them the whole time.  The look of total concentration and absorption was just perfect, and again incredibly flattering.

Angela: was there anything that surprised you (in a good or bad way) about the meeting?

Barb: I think the biggest surprise I got was in witnessing his passion.  I really, really hoped to see joy on a man’s face as he touched my feet, sort of like “Oh, I don’t believe it!  I finally have in my hands what I have been admiring and wanting so long to actually feel”, and that is what I saw.  It was confirmation of all the lovely words I had seen written as comments, by so many, about my pictures.  That was something I really needed to hear.

I was asked by some of my online friends to share some of my thoughts about my experience because they knew I had met with a foot fetishist.  I posted a picture of my feet in his hands, and this is what I said with that picture: “It seems that may be a picture has a thousands words, and I hope this one says it. There is no explaining the look of wonderment and joy on someone’s face, the total concentration to the exclusion of anything else. How do I explain the slow and careful touch and feel on each and every toe, eyes drinking in a dreamed of vision that is now in his hands, the real thing. Minutes spent on each toe as though life depended on not missing one thing, the look, the feel, the smell.”

To me the passion was astounding.  Once he started to kiss my feet, smell them, suck my toes as well as my arches and heels he became totally and utterly absorbed.  His face was a picture of total pleasure and complete absorption.  It was so obvious from his face and his body that his passion had totally taken over.

Angela: how did you feel while having your feet attended to?

Barb: Again, I loved it.  I really do adore having my feet massaged and touched.  I am not ticklish in any way, so to me this act is always perfection.  Let’s face it, if you asked most people to massage your feet you would probably get a very strange look.  Ask a man who adores feet and you would probably have to beat him off with a stick – in fact when the match is right, when you think about it, it can only lead to two very happy people.  Me getting my massage, him taking pleasure from doing something he often can only dream of doing.

Angela: Given you do have many male admirers and friends online, what was their reaction to you having a real life experience?  Was there any jealousy for example?

Barb: I have to say that I found their reactions both wonderful, and intriguing.  I knew all my online friends were aware that I had never had a “true foot experience” and I wanted them to know and may be share a little of it with me.  I first posted a picture and gave a two paragraph “expose” of my time.  There were some fascinating responses to that such as “Oh, who was the lucky man?”; “I wish it could have been me”; “May I have more ‘memoirs of an Australian Foot Queen’ please”, and this request was made a few times.  They say to me there was a range of emotions from a wish to just share a wonderful time with me, through to may be just a little envy.

The interesting thing about the envy was I knew exactly where those wonderful friends were coming from, I knew that in so many ways they wanted to “be my first”, and I think this comment from one of them says so much “Mmmmmm….lovely vision….I would have definitely pressed my nose to your soles very intently and kissed each and every toe! I celebrate with him the privilege of such a moment and your wonderful openness and kindness toward him! This is what footlove should be all about…can’t wait to share this with you one day”.

I cannot tell you how incredibly flattered and, yes loved, I felt to also get a personal message from this man telling me how he was so happy that I had finally experienced foot love, but that he also felt just a little jealous that it was not him.  And, he was not the only one to send me such a message.  All I could think of as I read those messages was “How blessed am I to have such wonderfully caring on line friends who only wish the best for me”.

Angela: Now you have experienced foot worship, will you continue with this pleasure or is it a case of been there and done that?

Barb: Oh I will definitely continue with it –  in fact I already have!  I have to say, it is an experience I have loved and wish to continue having.  And there are two reasons for that:  The first is because of how much I love having my feet touched and massaged, and now adored.  And the second reason is  and this may sound strange),  but I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to make someone so incredibly happy, so full of joy and passion.  Such a simple thing as placing your feet in someone’s hands and seeing “that look” immediately come over his face, and to see the reverence with which he touches your feet is really the most amazingly gratifying experience.  I think of it as giving, and taking, with absolute pleasure.

How lovely was it that Barb shared this experience with us? Please show your appreciation by leaving comment and I know that Barb is only too happy to dialogue further with anyone who drops by.

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30 Responses to My First Foot Goddess Experience, with Barb Denyer

  1. Chaz999 says:

    Oh my lord, what a fantastic interview, thank you both!!

    • Barb Denyer says:

      I am so happy you enjoyed my “story”. I wanted to share the beauty and the joy I felt, and your response tells me that I seem to have succeeded.

    • Al Soleman says:

      Have to agree Chaz999, perhaps without equal here, simply superb work by Angela and Barb!

  2. ZUBIN says:

    Barb, it is so exciting and so well written, do u know that feet lovers like me get that excitement even reading this real time first experience. As u told, I am one amongst who wish could get a closer glimpse of ur feet,but though it is a very remote possibility. Thanks a lot a lot more in penning down this..


    • Barb Denyer says:

      Zubin, thank you so much for your comment, and for saying this is exciting. To have you say that you gained excitement from reading this makes me incredibly happy. Yes you have told me that, and I am so flattered and really do wish I could share with you. I was excited to “pen” this down because I now too have my first experience set in stone and can come back and remind myself of the joy I experienced.

  3. rftguy says:

    Fantastic interview and she sure cares about her fans! Also, she understands our fetish so much!

    • Angela Angela says:

      Thanks RFTguy, Zubin and Chaz for taking the time to both read and comments, it is lovely to know that you appreciate our efforts,

      warm regards

      • Barb Denyer says:

        Angela, and thank you too for giving me a venue to share my experience and tell my thoughts and feelings. You are right, it is always wonderful to know our efforts are appreciated, particularly with such lovely comments. Hugs. Barb

    • Barb Denyer says:

      rftguy, thank you so much for saying you thought this was fantastic. Thank you also for recognising that I do care about my fans, more than most realise I think. I promise I do my absolute best to also understand foot fetish, and to share at least some of the beauty that I see in that fetish.

  4. Tkprince says:

    Great stuff Barb

  5. Al Soleman says:

    I finally had the chance to fully take in the full breadth of this interview just now, as I had to work today and I’m glad I waited till I could devote my complete attention…as this may be the best interview thus far in the ongoing series with Angela on this site! Where does one start….

    Having known you Barb personally for a number of years through Facebook and other venues it comes as no surprise the candor and eloquence with which you have expounded on your maiden voyage into the actuality of foot worship/footplay and the absolute joy and profundity that can accompany it! What does astound me is the even greater passion and utter pleasure you now exude from having these experiences….it has become truly visceral and “actual” and your wonderful verve shines in every sentence! It is absolutely apparent that you are a true Foot Hedonist/Goddess and so much more…embracing the art and Passion of this with every pore and sharing in the most honest way possible! Without a doubt any Footman/woman who has heretofore felt reticent about “coming out” or more free expressing there true desires and feelings should be spurred onwards by this wonderful revelation and exposition!

    To know you and Angela among a very select group has been one of the great joys and privileges of my recent life and enabled me to come full circle and be more direct and honest about my own experiences, few they may be right now but the sense of liberation is beyond my ability to articulate! We own you and Angela and the many wonderful ladies and gents who have participated in this wonderful series and forum a debt of gratitude indeed! I can only surmise that others will see this as impetus to share and move this wonderful experience to forefront of people’s consciousness!

    Thank you my lovely friends for the gift of sharing and the Passion made so clearly evident here! Bravo!

    Al Soleman xoxo

    • Barb Denyer says:

      Al Soleman,

      What can I say, you have left me speechless!!! As I am sure you realised as you read this, I put a lot of thought into what I said, and my greatest wish was to convey just how wonderful it is to give, and yes to share. That I have been able to paint that picture of shared joy and passion makes me incredibly happy.

      Al, I have loved getting to know you in our shared venues. You have helped me more than you can ever know in understanding where I am in this world. If I have been able to reciprocate by encouraging you to be yourself and embrace your passion, then all I can say is you have no idea how pleased I am to have been a part of your own growth. We share. To another point you make, if this interview encourages others who are currently hesitant about embracing their passion, then I am truly gratified, and wish them joy as they accept their true selves and celebrate their passion.

      I cannot speak for Angela, but I am sure she will be as touched as I am by your passionate comments. If we are providing an impetus to share, to be proud of who you are, then I believe that is the only reward we want.

      Hugs to you for being you. xoxoxo

      • Al Soleman says:

        It is a beautiful reality, in that we can all share and explore our Passions Barb…and a Blessing that Angela through her work here can shed some light on areas of human experience that are often misunderstood or just mythologized in very strange ways! Without a doubt having such a open dialogue has made a very concrete difference in my life and I’m sure others are rallying to the this opening in gratifying numbers!

        I too am humbled by all the lovely thoughts and incisive ideas you’ve graced us with and just having this encounter shared with us in intimate detail is more than we could ask! Thank you my friend and I look forward to your future adventures and writings with great anticipation, impatience even LOL!

        Many hugs in return and Wonderful musings! xoxo


  6. Angela Angela says:

    Gosh….can I join this lovefest :-) ?

    You are both adorable people whom I treasure having in my life and I am privileged to be able to call you both my friends. The only downside with distance is having Al is on the other side of the world to Barb and I, but we make the best of it – and have you dear Al in our hearts and minds.

    Thank you Al for your beautiful, heartfelt words. You taking the time to write what you did really means a lot to me (as it does to Barb, that is obvious!). While I am not a foot Goddess you are one of the few people I would have touch my feet, because you are and always will be a very special person, who I trust and respect.

    *sprinkles love and blessings all around xxx

    • Al Soleman says:

      So glad you’re feeling the love Angela, what more could we want than mutual love and understanding, especially given the fabulous range of topics and ideas you’ve covered and shared with us!

      It has been such a marvelous sojourn with you, Barb, Mynx, Laura, Julie, Karyn and I must mention the fabulous Arinda Storm Weaver, without whom I would not have met the great Aussie ladies here! I too wish we could be closer and yes what a pleasure it would be to meet and commiserate at leisure!

      To have you place your trust in me as you have and to know that you would have me at your feet is the greatest compliment I could have and a privilege it would be! I can only hope to make that come true one day at your desire! As always, I wait expectantly for each new interview and topic you cover here and i know others are just as excited when your work appears!

      My very best and the loveliest of vibes to you!

  7. BillM says:

    Wonderful commentary, ladies and many thanks for your efforts in composing and publishing it up on the net.
    Angela and Barb, you are such intelligent women, talented writers, and sometimes I think your scholarship even exceeds your ravishing good looks.

    • Angela Angela says:

      Ah Bill,

      I’d know you anywhere – even under another ID ;-)!

      – thank you for being you and your always flattering comments….gorgeous and talented….gosh you set that bar high!

    • Barb Denyer says:

      Oh Bill,

      Firstly I am with Angela, I would recognise you anywhere!! And that bar you are setting for us is going to have us “leaping tall buildings” soon.

      Thank you so much for seeing how much thought we put into telling “my story”. I know I wanted to try to share some of the beautiful emotions and the perfect sharing I experienced.

  8. Darren J Callesen "URSOLE" says:

    Well written Barb, as usual. Wow what an insight to a first encounter, glad you could share it with us. I know you share unselfishly, but this is way above and beyond the call.

    I love that you received such a surprise at the intensity of the footies passion for your feet, I’m not surprised though; hey he had some of the best feet and toes on the planet to worship!

    Well now you might appreciate more what the on-liners are all raving about, your feet.

    It is very hard to come to terms with or understand any fetish until experienced first hand, now that you have your responses to online fans will be different and made from an educated point of view, so they will be appreciated even more.

    Thanks to you and Angela for putting this together, very educational as usual, Thanks Ladies!

    • Angela Angela says:

      Hello Darren,

      thank you very much for taking the time to comment here. As you rightly pointed out, this experience will for sure put a lot of things into perspective for Barb, and I am sure she is sorry she waited so long for her special adventure – although as she says – there is no turning back for her now!

      Your input is always very much appreciated, thank you again!

      • Darren J Callesen "URSOLE" says:

        Hi Angela, yes Barb has started on an interesting journey and will now have a new perspective on the footie world and those who inhabit it.

        I did not consider myself a footie until Barb said I ought to come out of the footie closet, I’m not hardcore about it, but I do enjoy giving foot-rubs and sucking toes and the like so who was I trying to kid!

        So sad that so many do not embrace their foot fetish in the real world or get the opportunity to play footsie’s as often as they’d like.

        Thanks again for an informative column, high quality and classy as usual, keep up the good work.

    • Barb Denyer says:

      Hey Darren,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I really wanted to share as much as I could and to try to evoke the emotions I saw, as well as those I felt. Funnily enough I don’t see my sharing as being “above and beyond”, but as an honest attempt to be open and to paint a picture for anyone who may be still a little timid about taking the next step. I just hope this encourages them to have faith in themselves and their passion, and the courage to take the next step.

      You recognised something that was very important to me. My surprise at the intensity of my footy’s passion, and one of the most beautiful compliments I have received in a long time. Well, apart from your lovely compliment on “the best feet and toes on the planet” and thank you for that. You are right, I might appreciate more what my on line fans are saying, and my experience will definitely affect my responses now.

  9. Josh says:

    Ms Denyer, I am a fan from sydney and I used to have you on Facebook and I was wondering what it would take to worship your feet. Cheers

    • Barb Denyer says:

      Well Josh, “used to have” must mean we have lost contact because of Facebook and their frequent removal of Feet People. I do hope we can re-establish contact, and if you need a link, here it is How sweet of you to ask what it would take, and I guess the answer is you may need to make a trip to Melbourne. :-)

  10. StepOnMe73 says:

    just read your article/interview with Barb. What a superb piece of work. I guess what I like about it most is the refreshing way you approached it. Most people who write about fetishes such as this write about it in a pornographic way, which I think is distracting.
    Between the two of you, it made the whole experience seem so real and so natural with a lot of feelings and emotion.
    I am so happy for her that she had her first experience and that it was really exciting for her.
    Now Dr. Ange, we need to get you to feel the same experience and have that kind of joy!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Peter says:

    I find myself searching for words to express the range of feelings that gain from reading this very real and honest exchange. The experience that Barb write about here, are so real and put. For those that do not know she is real. There is something about the joy and pleasure of Barb’s feet and the person that transcends any joy and pleasure that I have had. Barb has given a gift of sharing herself, her thoughts and feet with all of us. I am somewhat jealous that I have not been able to show how special a Lady she is by being at her feet. I am so far away but my connection is so very close and strong. I long to be with her and to give my self in submission as her foot slave. Thank you Barb for all that we have and will have

    Slave Pete

  12. Barb Denyer says:

    Thank you so much Slave Pete for your incredibly heart felt comments. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me feel to know that you have recognised that the most important thing for me was to be totally honest in sharing my experience. And then you top that off with the most beautiful compliment that I am definitely real (which I am), thank you so much for that. I wanted to give the “gift of sharing myself and my experience” as openly and as frankly as I possibly could in the hope that my joy may be felt by anyone who read my story. I think the most important thing to say to you Slave Pete, something I learned very early on when starting my foray into the foot world, is that there are so many situations where you do not need to be in the actual presence of a person, their words and their passion are so obvious that it transcends all else. Do not ever doubt my knowing where you long to be, and that you will endeavour to fulfill your wishes and, I believe, incredible needs. Again, thank you for your absolutely wonderful comments, and for your openness. Barb

  13. tklsoles says:

    thank u for sharing with us , your feelings and toughts, i loved every sentence! u r amazing! dont have words to describe what i feel now! im simply honored to meet u . kiss for u lovely lady.

    • Barb Denyer says:

      Tklsoles, you are totally welcome, and I was definitely incredibly happy to share what I did. I wanted my feelings and thoughts to express the completely natural and joyous time of sharing my feet with someone. So if you loved every sentence, then it seems that maybe I “got it right”. I do hope that, over time, you will find the words you want to express how my story has made you feel. It has been a wonderful pleasure to meet you too, and I am sure we will have ongoing contact where we can share thoughts, ideas and discuss your passion for feet. Barb

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