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Privacy, Airport Security and being Transgender

Matt Kailey’s blog, Tranifesto is an excellent source of information and topics for discussion around Transgender issues.  As a subscriber to his blog I have just read a post he did on full body scans at airports and how this … Continue reading

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On Being a Gender Maverick: Crossdressing

This is my latest article, published today in Counselling Australia, The Australian Counselling Association Journal.  As those who know me well will be aware, I have a deep respect and self acknowledged softspot for men who cross dress. I hope … Continue reading

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Miss International Beauty Queen Pageant 2011

Everybody who knows me, knows I  have a very soft spot for the Kathoey of Thailand (so called ladyboys). Predominantly Buddhist Thailand is well known for its universal acceptance of their ‘third sex’, displaying a tolerant attitude towards people who … Continue reading

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More Than 10 Questions: Portrait of a Crossdresser

I started this interview with a young, male Indian Crossdresser as  one in the ’10 Questions’ series. However I decided it needed more than 10 questions, so I have written it as a profile piece, so we could all get … Continue reading

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The Miss International Queen Pageant

Striving to advance and support today’s transgender/transsexual, Miss International Queen™ Pageant offers great opportunities for transgender/transsexual from all over the world to present their individual beauty and intelligence in a friendly atmosphere. I was lucky enough to stumble on an … Continue reading

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