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Gender Neutral Title Hits the Oxford Dictionary

Fantastic news for people identifying as gender-neutral or transgender will now be able to move from the confines of the traditional honorifics Mr, Miss and Mrs if they choose, now that the new title, “Mx” is officially included in the … Continue reading

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Privacy, Airport Security and being Transgender

Matt Kailey’s blog, Tranifesto is an excellent source of information and topics for discussion around Transgender issues.  As a subscriber to his blog I have just read a post he did on full body scans at airports and how this … Continue reading

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On Being a Gender Maverick: Crossdressing

This is my latest article, published today in Counselling Australia, The Australian Counselling Association Journal.  As those who know me well will be aware, I have a deep respect and self acknowledged softspot for men who cross dress. I hope … Continue reading

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Miss International Beauty Queen Pageant 2011

Everybody who knows me, knows I  have a very soft spot for the Kathoey of Thailand (so called ladyboys). Predominantly Buddhist Thailand is well known for its universal acceptance of their ‘third sex’, displaying a tolerant attitude towards people who … Continue reading

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More Than 10 Questions: Portrait of a Crossdresser

I started this interview with a young, male Indian Crossdresser as  one in the ’10 Questions’ series. However I decided it needed more than 10 questions, so I have written it as a profile piece, so we could all get … Continue reading

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The Miss International Queen Pageant

Striving to advance and support today’s transgender/transsexual, Miss International Queen™ Pageant offers great opportunities for transgender/transsexual from all over the world to present their individual beauty and intelligence in a friendly atmosphere. I was lucky enough to stumble on an … Continue reading

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